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"I'm worried about house-hunting..."

As a student, YOU can raise the quality of housing by insisting landlords raise their standards.

There is plenty of housing for students in Canterbury - you can take your time and be choosey! Insist that you will only rent accredited houses, as these landlords will provide a better service for you and better houses for their tenants. Click this link to register and you'll then be able to check houses for accreditation.

"How do I use the site?"

You can search for accredited properties by address or unique accreditation code. The landlord/agent should provide you with these. If you cannot find a property, it may not be accredited. Do not risk renting an unaccredited property – what has the landlord got to hide?

accredited properties will be advertised on University Accommodation websites. This site should be used to check whether a property is accredited - for viewing details you should use the universities accommodation lists. This site will tell you that the house you’re going to look at is going to be secure and managed by a trustworthy landlord.