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Welcome to the Canterbury Student Housing Home Page.

Students: Househunting?  Only choose accredited properties.

Go to the Students home pageAccredited properties are managed by landlords who are concerned for your health, safety and welfare.   These landlords have agreed to follow a certain Code Of Conduct to ensure the fair and efficient management of their properties, to confirm that they are of a high standard, and that they meet all health & safety requirements.  There is plenty of housing for students in Canterbury at the moment, so be fussy and don’t rush!  Only choose an accredited property.  Click the following link to search for a property and see if it is accredited.
Other options for holiday accommodation  

Landlords: HMO Registration is gone, Accreditation is here.

Go to the Landlords home pageThe Accreditation Scheme for student landlords in Canterbury has been designed to give professional, reliable landlords the credit they deserve, and to distinguish their properties from the rest.  Only accredited houses are being marketed by the universities accomodation offices, and as well as having a market advantage, accredited landlords can make full use of our standard Tenancy Agreement & Inventory, improve their knowledge with our online training tools, and use our Forum to meet other accredited landlords.  Click the following link to register your properties.

Local residents: Accredited properties benefit the whole community.

Go to the Residents home pageA landlord who accredits his or her property should care about the local neighbourhood.  Properties which are efficiently managed & well maintained benefit the community, and make for better neighbourly relations.  If you have any feedback for us about landlords, properties, tenants or just in general, we want to hear from you!  Please click the following link to log your views.